We’re Back!

We are finally back with some really exciting news!

First of all, the new game that we’ve been quietly working on is taking up a more substantial form. It took us a good deal of time to actually come up with the core design and mechanics, and trim everything down to a scope that we can manage.

The new game is called “Mist Hunter” and if you’ve been following us on reddit you already know that’s it a first person shooter. Why a shooter you may wonder. Well, after Life in Bunker was finished we had several criteria in mind for our next game. Firstly, it must be a genre that we’ve never done before. Secondly, it must be relatively simple to make, easy to pick up and as easy to go back to even after a long break.

At that time I mostly spent my evenings playing either DOOM 2 or Devil Daggers, and for me it was like a breath of fresh air. I could play those game in short sessions, I didn’t have to focus on the story, objectives, complex mechanics nor tedious grind. I just loved shaving off the time and seeing my score getting up. It’s a nice sense of progression without over committing oneself to the game. And it’s just clicked and we came up with Mist Hunter.

In its core Mist Hunter is a faced-paced arena shooter where you fight waves of enemies, trying to get a high score. But there are a few twists. By killing enemies you’re gaining the “mist points” which can be spent on random trophies. The trophies change the traits of the weapons, the character and even give new abilities. Combining and stacking those trophies make every run unique and interesting. Another thing is a system of combos that should provide more incentive to be proactive and bring the fight to the enemies rather than running from them.

We’re going to release a free demo to test our ideas and see in what direction we should be moving in.

That’s it for now, I’ll be posting more cool stuff about the development and future plans. You can subscribe to our sub reddit, follow us on indieDB and twitter.



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