Super, Mega, Huge Update

The new demo is available to download and it has lots of changes. You should really try it!

First of all, the primary mode that we’ve been working on all this time is now in the demo and it’s called Nexus. It contains the first three levels and should give a pretty good idea of what the core experience is going to be like.

Each mode has several difficulty levels from the get go. If you think the game is too easy, just crank the difficulty up before you start the run. Also, don’t forget to check the settings, we’ve added a bunch of new stuff you can tweak.

The Nexus mode has elite type of enemies, as for now, they are just slightly tougher than their normal versions, but they’ll get additional set of traits and attacks on release.

Both modes have received a dozen of new trophies and three new power ups. Unlike in the Summoning mode, in Nexus each power up must be activated manually by pressing the “F” key. If you already carry a power up, but found another one you can swap them by pressing “E”.

Pleas bare in mind that some pieces of the game are still a WIP. You may found bugs, placeholders, or missing assets (like sounds).

We look forward to your feedback, and if you like the demo please consider wishlisting Mist Hunter.

Have a great Friday,

Flox team


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