20.07. 2016

Frozen State 0.99 build 251

Hi all,

I’d like to thank everyone who’s been sending us the bug reports and ideas, your contribution is priceless.

The latest patch is being moved into the default branch and now available to everyone. The current build was complied with a different version of unity, if the game doesn’t start deleting the settings file should help.

The current patch contains a lot of fixes and improvements:

– Fixed – black trees ( it turned out that it was a unity bug. We had to switch to an older, but more stable version.)

– Fixed – equipped shovel may caused some frame rate drops

– Fixed – sometimes when you flip the car on the roof, it may not flip back on “wheels”

– Fixed – empty flask/thermoses didn’t spawn in the inventory after consuming cooked food/ water.

– Fixed – enemies ragdolls have been readjusted. This should reduce the chance of “flying-corpses”, but it’s not perfect and we are still working on this

– Fixed – invisible soldier, I know it’s been kinda fixed already, but it came back again.

– Fixed – human enemies could stuck in the idle animation. Weren’t attacking the character or may just sliding toward him.

– Fixed – entrance in the severs on the map Grocery Store, Novator’s Street

– Fixed – the NPC in the garage didn’t talk to the character

– Fixed – the NPC in the woods didn’t give a reward after completing his questline.

– Fixed – both mechanical and electronic lockpics may not unlock the locks even with a sufficient skill level

– Fixed – the mini map didn’t show the buildings on the map “Warehouse”

– Fixed – a small exploit with free Antrazidol

– Fixed – enemies AI, sometimes humans didn’t attack hybrids

– Fixed – weapon “range” upgrades upgraded “reload speed”

– Fixed – Hybrid jumper – performance optimization

– Fixed – cooked rice used to spawn an empty flask instead of a thermos

– focus vision works only when the character is crouching. You don’t have to chance the stance to activate focus hearing. By pressing the “V” key, the character will change his/her stance automatically

– the weight of the water flasks with clean/dirty water has been reduced

– all hybrids has can drop more Andrazidol

– craftable cooking pot

– craftable splints to fix broken bones

– proofreading

– morphine was renamed to M-fine, and it’s less effective against fractures

– some locations have more monsters and human enemies

– footprints were optimized to improve performance

– characters in hard mode will start with some basic items

Known issues

– empty flasks/thermoses don’t spawn if food/water was consumed from the cooking slot

Thank you,