28.07. 2016

FS 0.99 build 255

Hey there,

The beta branch has a new patch ready for testing. We fixed a bunch of bugs you’ve reported and added a few enemies in some locations.

The changelog:

– damage from enemies guns has been increased
– FIXED – sometimes, during sleep the camp fire didn’t provide enough heat
– FIXED – missing icons for the two new items: splint , handmade cooking pot
– FIXED – character could stuck in one animation cycle, usually jumping or falling
– FIXED – character had some difficulties ascending staircase in  “The 16th Microraion Buildings 8 and 10”
– you can get call by burning any type of wood and not only small planks.

– 12 gauge casings are much easier to find now
– buildable structures will be shown on the mini map when you build them
– Antrazidol drop has been slightly increased
– some other fixes

Tomorrow will be another small patch that fixes bugs with achievements. Enemies will react better on noise and will break doors when they hear you.

Another big news. As you may already knew we were going to release Frozen State in August and we finally have a firm release date which is 5 August. The price will go up by 2$, so starting from the 5th  the game will cost 11.99$. Not a big bump, but if you wanted to grab a copy it’s a good time.