10.08. 2016

FS New Patch in Beta

Hi all,

We’ve made a new build and it’s sitting in the beta branch. If you weren’t with us during the early access it’s a branch where we upload all our new patches before they go live into the default branch. To activate it, simply right click on the game in your steam library and go to properties>betas, select the beta branch and download the patch.

The patch was made on a newer version of unity which should improve the performance and fix some other engine related bugs. However , yesterday we ran into a small issue with the transition objects like ladders and hatches. For some reason they are not highlighted. They are active and working fine. If you press “E” you’ll see a pop-up window as before. Everything else is also working properly.

Because this bug is visual and has very little effect on the gameplay we decided to release the patch with this issue to address more serious stuff. So, if you find a ladder or hatch which isn’t highlighted it’s a known bug and we’re working on it at the moment. Of course if come across anything else please report it to us.

The changelog:

– FIXED – character deals (melee) damage being too far away from the target
– brake chance upgrading/repairing items has been reduced. The crafting skill reduces this chance too. At level 10 it’s almost zero.
– FIXED – grumpy boy’s quest has been fixed
– FIXED – invisible enemy
– FIXED – item icon can get stuck in the menu
– FIXED – overlapping numbers and despairing progress burs in the skill window
– FIXED – dead enemies wasn’t saving when you exist location. Now they are being saved only if the have something in the inventory.
– FIXED – The wall in the underground tunnel( 16 Micraraion building 11/1) didn’t have a collider
– FIXED – cchievements
– FIXED – 1 arrow from 10 planks. Now you get 6 arrows
– Craftable weapons have been re-balanced
crossbow: dam +/ resource – / noise –
short spear: range + /resource –
shank : dam + /resource – /range – /stamina – /noise -/ weight –
spike club : dam + /stamina +/ weight +
hockey knife: dam + / resource –
New items in crafting: nails, big flashlight, gunpowder
Roasted fish has been removed from crafting. The raw wish can only be cooked on fire
The weight of the sleeping bag has been reduced.
– small fixes

In the next patch we will keep our focus on fixing bugs and adding more crafting recipes. Thanks to the community for some insightful ideas.

If you have low fps, first of all turn off HDOF, SSAO and Antialiasing. You can also reduce the current resolution. If you’re playing on a laptop with discrete graphics card make sure that the game is running on it. Sometimes it may start on your integrated card which isn’t great for gaming.
The bugs we could’t replicate yet:
– infinite ammo – happens when you don’t empty the clip and press reload.
– disappearing ammo from containers – very little info on this one, but from what we know it may happen when you put some ammo in a wooden box or some other container, leave location and after sometime return to that box the ammo will be gone.

If you know how to replicate them please let us know.

Thank you,