23.09. 2016

FS. Patch v1.00 build 275

Hi all,

The new patch is ready and siting in the beta branch. This patch contains multiple fixes and improvements.

The build will go live on Monday if nothing game-breaking shows up during the weekend.


– Fixed AI behaviour: Animator Cull Completely changed on Cull Update Transform
– Fixed bug with AI with weapons physics (when player in car)
– the quest “Strange Conversation” in the bunker was fixed. If you don’t take the quest in the beginning the control panel in the bunker will not respond even if you have the hard drive. You’d need to return to the terminal and get the quest.
– the dialogue with the control panel was slightly changed.
– Fixed some campfire and UI behaviour
– Fixed vehicle ray cast
– Animal flee path from the path obstacles (doors) now considered as flee target (Player/AI) position (from door to door path case)
– New melee check with SphereCast.
– Equipped items will be automatically unequipped if they get broken
– New save preparation method. This should solve the problem with the disappearing car.
– Steam stats save on max lived days.
– Vehicle recharging now searching for fuel in vehicle inventory if it was not found in player inventory
– Some small optimisations
– Fixed enemies footprints
– Footprints react properly on flashlight
– Fixed: Human NPCs react on their own shots noise.

As always feel free to drop us a line if you find any new bugs or glitches.

Thank you,