Alexander Prokhorov (@Satori4)

The artistic half of the team and co-founder of Flox studios.

I’m a self-taught artist and a bit of an animator. My first acquaintance with the world of videos games began at the age of seven when my father brought in a gaming console called Dendy, which was basically a Taiwanese clone of NES.

Favourite Games: Souls series, Portal 2, Age Of Empires, Resident Evil.


Anton Pozdnyakov (@Panerox)

The technical half of the team and co-founder of Flox studios.

I have about fourteen years of experience in programming, know a bunch of programming languages (C, C++, Asm, Pascal, Java, C#) and have even worked on some drone software. I’ve been playing games since 1990 and it started when I got my first PC – Iskra 1030. I’m an avid fan of Blizzard games.

Favourite Games: Doom, Quake, StarСraft, Diablo, Minecraft, Half-Life, Settlers.




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